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Artists & Credits

Hayato Matsuo Composer
Hayato Matsuo Arranger
Koji Hayama Composer
w/ P
Koji Hayama Arranger
Shigeki Composer
Front Mission 3 Original Soundtrack box cover
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Front Mission 3 Original Soundtrack

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Front Mission 3: Original Soundtrack summary

The Front Mission 3 original soundtrack is provided by Ogre Battle symphonic orchestrator Hayato Matsuo and Chou Aniki composer Koji Hayama. The game contains some notable tracks but mostly chooses to eschew the series' gritty, dystopian roots. In the OST's liner notes, Matsuo writes, "I worked on the BGM for this game together with Hayama-kun, but as I personally love Front Mission, composing the music was an enjoyable process. Producer Toshiro Tsuchida was very clear in the images he wanted for the music, but left all the details up to us, so I think we were able to operate with great creativity. There is plenty of variety in the music, with orchestral tracks, and rhythm and synth based music, so it aims to give you a sense of the game's complexity, diversity and human drama. Thanks to the Square Sound staff, who programmed the music into the actual machine, that the sound quality in the game turned out so high. In the case of games, there are material restrictions on sound channels and tone quality, but because of this staff, we were able to realize a music that scaled at least some of those walls. Thanks for lending me this space to write. And thank you to everyone listening to this soundtrack. If you can relive the world of Front Mission through this soundtrack even when not playing the game, I'll be very pleased."

Front Mission 3 Original Soundtrack Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Government Shigeki 1:50
2 Start Up Hayama 2:29
3 Town (Japan) Matsuo 2:40
4 Dilemma Hayama 3:59
5 Bar (Generic) Matsuo 3:05
6 Infiltration Hayama 4:07
7 Setup 1 Hayama 3:34
8 Setup 2 Hayama 2:47
9 Network Hayama 4:05
10 Base Capture Matsuo 4:11
11 Shock Hayama 2:17
12 Silence Hayama 2:41
13 Defensive Battle Hayama 3:19
14 Anger Matsuo 3:06
15 VS Wu-Long Matsuo 4:06
16 Town (China) Matsuo 2:54
17 Bar (China) Matsuo 2:45
18 Hideout Hayama 3:07
19 Escape Hayama 2:26
20 Main Base Matsuo 3:06
21 Institute Matsuo 3:01
22 Lukav 1 Matsuo 2:59
23 Suspicion Hayama 1:14
24 Frontline Base Matsuo 3:00
25 Attack Matsuo 4:29

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Respite 1 Hayama 4:13
2 Respite 2 Hayama 3:12
3 Town (Ruins) Hayama 3:02
4 Barilar Hayama 2:55
5 Plains (China) Matsuo 4:05
6 Fort Capture Matsuo 4:00
7 Jungle (Southeast Asia) Matsuo 4:56
8 Enemy Attack Hayama 2:15
9 Reconnaissance Unit Hayama 3:53
10 Invasion Matsuo 5:03
11 VS IN Unit Hayama 1:52
12 Sorrow Matsuo 3:02
13 Lukav 2 Matsuo 1:54
14 Oath Hayama 3:48
15 Assault Matsuo 3:59
16 Decisive Battle Matsuo 4:31
17 Recollection (Alisa) Matsuo 1:42
18 Swift Attack Hayama 3:39
19 Stage End 1 Matsuo 1:08
20 Stage End 2 Matsuo 1:37
21 Game Over Matsuo 1:10
22 Ending Matsuo 6:24

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