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Artists & Credits

Hitoshi Sakimoto Composer
Daisuke Kawaguchi Composer
Kazuya Nishioka Arranger
Masao Akashi Arranger
Pe'zmoku Arranger
Sayo Composer
Shintaro Tokita Arranger
TATTSU Composer
Wataru "B.M.W" Ohyama Composer
Valkyria Chronicles Song Collection box cover
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Valkyria Chronicles Song Collection

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Valkyria Chronicles Song Collection Track List

Track list translations: Alex, VGMdb

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 No Matter the Distance... (Game Opening ver.)
2 Succeeded Wish
3 Hope for Tomorrow ~Anime Edit~
4 Riding That Wind (Senjou no Valkyria Version)
5 Sadness Chain (TV Edit)
6 One Wish (TV ver.)
7 The Sky Remains Azure
8 Liar
9 A New Tomorrow
10 Brightest Morning
11 Twintail In Love!?
12 Our Story

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