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Artists & Credits

Hitoshi Sakimoto Composer
Radiant Silvergun Original Soundtrack + box cover
Toshiba EMI
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Radiant Silvergun Original Soundtrack +

Radiant Silvergun: Original Soundtrack + summary

Immediately following Sakimoto's introductory work for Square, Radiant Silvergun developed by Treasure is perhaps one of the composer's darkest and most unrelenting techno soundtracks. The score returns to the tradition of the Orge series in the martial themes evident in the soundtrack, bringing to the forefront artificial-sounding samples, such as synthetic horn instruments and chimes, to convey the futuristic aspect of space flight together with the familiar military theme of engaging in war against an opponent. In spite of the tremendous energy present in the compositions for this dystopian shooter, the music still reflects the composer's ability to balance tension and turmoil with contemplative melodies. Even in a high-octane track like "Debris," while war drums are pounding in the distance, certain passages verge on the soothing and meditative.

Radiant Silvergun Original Soundtrack + Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Time
1 Quickening 0:40
2 Ruin 1:30
3 Return 3:09
4 Debris 3:12
5 Reminiscence 2:57
6 Ruin 2:51
7 Evasion 3:16
8 Penta 3:29
9 Space Battleship 130 33KI 3:19
10 Victim 2:13
11 Origin 3:49
12 The Stone-Like 2:29
13 Karma 1:07
14 Feel Visible Matter 0:29
15 Feel Invisible Matter 2:44
16 There Is Life Everywhere 1:53
17 Return 3:05
18 Debris 3:11
19 Reminiscence 3:02
20 Ruin 2:40
21 Evasion 3:11
22 Penta 3:23
23 Space Battleship 130 33KI 3:15
24 Origin 3:54
25 The Stone-Like 2:28
26 There Is Life Everywhere 2:36

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