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Game Music Database

Music by Composer / Yoko Shimomura

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Battle SQ 2012-07-14 SQEX-10314
Beer SQ 2012-07-04 SQEX-10317
Chill SQ 2010-05-26 SQEX-10193
drammatica The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura 2008-03-26 SQEX-10112
Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection 2002-12-18 SSCX-10073
Front Mission Original Sound Version 1995-02-25 PSCN-5019
Front Mission 1st Special BGM Selection 2003-10-23 pro-03
Front Mission 4+1st Original Soundtrack 2004-05-10 SQEX-10021
Front Mission Online Original Soundtrack 2006-09-20 SQEX-10078
Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack 2002-03-27 TOCT-24768~9
Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections Field & Battle 2010-01-13 SQEX-10177
Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections 2009-05-27 SQEX-10144
Kingdom Hearts -FINAL MIX- Additional Tracks 2002-12-25 SQCD-40001
Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection -Melodies & Memories- 2012-09-19 SQEX-10328~9
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack 2011-02-02 SQEX-10213~5
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack 2012-04-08 SQEX-10304~6
Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack 2006-01-25 TOCT-25871~2
Last Ranker Original Soundtrack 2010-07-28 CPCA-10218~9
Last Ranker Limited Soundtrack - Piano Trio Arrange 2010-07-15 CPDA-10065
Legend of Mana Music Selection 2000-06-01 3TP-0012K
Legend of Mana Original Soundtrack 1999-07-23 SSCX-10034
Live A Live Original Sound Version 1994-08-25 PSCN-5007
Live A Live Original Soundtrack Original Soundtrack 2012-05-02 SQEX-10308
Murmur Chata 2007-03-21 KDSD-00130
Parasite Eve Remixes 1998-07-30 SSCX-10023
Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack 1998-05-21 SSCX-10020
Parasite Eve I & II Original Soundtrack Limited Box 2011-01-26 SQEX-10226~9
Rogue Galaxy Premium Arrange 2006-01-25 KDSD-00085
Seiken Densetsu Music Complete Book 2011-09-14 SQEX-10249~68
Seiken Densetsu Heroes of Mana Original Soundtrack 2007-04-18 SQEX-10095/96
SQ Chips 2 2012-07-25 SQEX-10318
Square Vocal Collection 2001-06-20 SSCX-10052
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.1 2007-05-09 SQEX-10097
SQUAREDANCE Standard Edition 2002-08-20 KFSS-705
SQUAREDANCE Limited Edition 2002-08-20 KFSS-704
Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version 1996-03-23 PSCN-5047~8
The 3rd Birthday Original Soundtrack 2010-12-22 SQEX-10217~9
The OneUps Volume 2 2008-09-02 OUS-005
Tobal No. 1 Original Soundtrack 1996-08-21 SSCX-10001
Xenoblade Original Soundtrack 2010-06-23 DERP-10008~11
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