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Final Fantasy IX

An RPG game for PlayStation by Square in the Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy IX box art

An ominous threat, looming hazily over a storybook land, finally manifests itself in the unspeakable actions of an ally turned aggressor. The spectacle of a mad queen whose clouded judgment endangers her own kingdom, however, is the secondary result of a carefully crafted plan for revenge. Indeed, mere madness pales in comparison to the vengeful hatred of a man haunted by the ancient mysteries of a planet.

[h5]Trivia[/h5] [list] * Final Fantasy IX is reportedly Hironobu Sakaguchi's favorite game in the series. [/list]

[h5]External Links[/h5] [list] * [url=]Final Fantasy IX at The SquareSoft Repository[/url] An exploration of the mythological and scientific elements of Final Fantasy IX. * [url=]Final Fantasy IX coverage at Square Haven[/url] [/list]

News & Blogs

After a long hiatus, Square Enix and AOL Radio have announced the return of Final Fantasy to the ears of AOL mongers everywhere. Daishiro Okada, Chief Operating Officer of Square Enix, was very excited: "We feel so fortunate to have such a loyal following and want to give a huge 'thank you' for their efforts to bring back FINAL FANTASY radio," he said on Monday. Apparently, someone had to be listening.1

  1. RPGFan

Ultimate Hits a hit

Ultimate Hits a hit

Five hundred thousand. That is the number of copies that Square Enix's Ultimate Hits budget series has sold since its inception in September 2005. Since then, it has been a remarkable tool for the company to curb the high prices associated with the sales of used titles and personally pocket the popularity of their classics. To accompany this tremendous success, Square Enix will be releasing no fewer than sixteen more titles into the Ultimate Hits line on July 20, including Valkyrie Profile and Final Fantasy Tactics. Are you listening, Konami? I want my Suikoden II. Read on

CubeEurope's Q&A section has some speculation on a possible new Final Fantasy title for Gamecube, which connects to Nintendo Official Magazine UK's earlier suggestion that a new title would be revealed at E3: "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was the first of Square and Nintendo being back on good terms. Their next game on Cube will remain a mystery until E3 but we've heard a brilliant rumour. Specifically that the new game will bring Nintendo gamers up to speed in the Final Fantasy universe, taking story elements from the seventh, eighth and ninth in the series, previously only seen on Playstation".1

  1. Cube Europe

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