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Ninja Gaiden

An Action-Adventure game for Xbox by Team Ninja in the Ninja Gaiden series

Ninja Gaiden box art

Ninja Gaiden is set in the game world of another release, Dead or Alive (DOA).

[h5]Setting[/h5] Located mainly in Japan and the fictional Vigoor Empire, the game draws on Heian period structures for its Japanese locales, including a ninja fortress and village set in the mountains. In contrast the Vigoor Empire, with its capital city of Tairon, is a blend of architectural types from around the world. European-style buildings display Arabic lettering, and the monastery in Tairon exhibits Gothic influences with a vaulted hall, pointed arches, and large stained glass windows. A hidden underground level features statues with the heads of cats, walls covered with carvings and hieroglyphics, and an Aztec pyramid. This hodgepodge of styles was the result of producer Tomonobu Itagaki's deliberate refusal to constrain the game's creative process.[cite=]Wikipedia[/cite]

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Did you know...?

Chrono Trigger scribe Masato Kato was credited for "ART WORKS" in the original Ninja Gaiden. From a recent interview:

Basically, I was responsible for the backgrounds, the hero and enemies for the action part. Beyond that, I did also images for the Cinema Display. Those were all pixel graphics. Furthermore, I drew the images for the enemy introductions in the manual. Since my drawings hold some peculiarities, I think people who know (my style) might recognize it there.

See The Chrono Trigger - Ninja Gaiden Connection for more about Kato's work on the Ninja Gaiden series and some interesting insight into the peculiarities of Japanese pseudonyms in the NES era.

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