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Masato Kato

A Scenario Writer and Director for Nintendo, Square, Monolith Soft, and Square Enix

Masato Kato

Masato Kato is a talented scenario writer whose handprints can be seen on many of Square's most popular titles, including his substantial contributions to every game in the Chrono series.

After graduating from college, Kato worked part-time for about a year as an animator and then joined Nintendo to work on a title called "Captain Tsubasa" (a job which included punching in dots for Tsubasa's animation sprites). He continued on to work on the game series known as "Ninja-Ryu-Ken-Den", whose second title saw him writing scenarios for the first time. He soon left to work for the animation studio Gainax, but left just before its creation of Neon Genesis Evangelion to join Square in the development of Chrono Trigger and continued on to pen the final Xenogears script three years later. He later left Square to work on Baten Kaitos with gaming studio Monolith Soft, which had been joined by former Square employees after the creation of Chrono Cross.

Throughout his career, Kato has maintained a close friendship with prolific game composer Yasunori Mitsuda, which began during the time of their work together on Chrono Trigger. Since then, they have collaborated on other titles (including sequel Chrono Cross) and together released the album Kirite--a novel written by Kato and accompanied by Mitsuda's score.

Masato Kato continues to work as a freelance scenario writer to this day, most recently re-joining Square Enix to grant his contributions to the World of Mana project.

Credits  + Add Credits

Chrono Trigger
Super NES
Final Fantasy VII
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy XI
PlayStation 2
Square Enix
Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Monolith Soft
Children of Mana
Nintendo DS
Square Enix
Dawn of Mana
PlayStation 2
Square Enix
Heroes of Mana
Nintendo DS
Square Enix
Radical Dreamers

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Did you know...?

Chrono Trigger scribe Masato Kato was credited for "ART WORKS" in the original Ninja Gaiden. From a recent interview:

Basically, I was responsible for the backgrounds, the hero and enemies for the action part. Beyond that, I did also images for the Cinema Display. Those were all pixel graphics. Furthermore, I drew the images for the enemy introductions in the manual. Since my drawings hold some peculiarities, I think people who know (my style) might recognize it there.

See The Chrono Trigger - Ninja Gaiden Connection for more about Kato's work on the Ninja Gaiden series and some interesting insight into the peculiarities of Japanese pseudonyms in the NES era.

If you've been paying attention to the industry this last week, you'll have noticed the announcements regarding Xenosaga Episode II and Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean from Namco. Now it would seem that Masato Kato, the scenario designer and story planner for Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger respectively, and therefore the actual mastermind behind the story, is doing the scenario for Baten Kaitos, indicating that he presumably wouldn't be involved too closely with any major projects at Square Enix. So much for that one, then?1

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