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Hideki Konno

A Game Designer for Nintendo and manager & game producer of Software Development Group No. 1 under Nintendo EAD

Hideki Konno

Konno is a notable figure in the development of the Mario Kart series, though his talents have been used in several other Nintendo projects that don't involve banana peels and Communism.

More recently, Konno served as a leading producer of the 3DS platform, pioneering the 3D capabilities as well as the "Tag Mode" feature that allows players to automatically trade game data with each other when their 3DS units get within range, even if they're not currently playing the same game.1

  1. Chris Kohler, Game|Life: Nintendo 3DS Idea Man Pulls Back Curtain on Handheld’s Capabilities

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Super Mario Bros. 2
Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo EAD
Super Mario Kart
Super NES
Nintendo EAD
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super NES
Nintendo EAD
Mario Kart 64
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Luigi's Mansion

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