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Masahiro Ito

An independent artist, art director and game designer formerly employed by Konami

Masahiro Itoshadow
Masahiro Ito

Masahiro Ito was born in Saitama, Japan in 1972 and later graduated from the graphic design department of Tama Art University.

Early Pyramid Head Art

Early Pyramid Head Art

In 1997 he joined Konami to design the backgrounds and creatures in Silent Hill. His disturbing creations continued in Silent Hill 2 in which he was art director in addition to creating all of the creature designs, models and motions. It was in this game that Ito designed his most popular creation - Pyramid Head.

His last major input at the company was in Silent Hill 3 where he reprised his role as art director as well as the creature design, models and motion in addition to again designing and modelling the backgrounds.

While being credited in the special thanks of Silent Hill 4: The Room and contributing cover art for Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Homecoming and Silent Hill: Downpour, Ito has not had any major involvement in the franchise since Silent Hill 3. He contributed a variety of art in non-game form to the Silent Hill series through various forms including books and digital comics.

Ito contributed a substantial amount of creature illustrations to the 2012 iOS game Dark Summoner1.

KIBA Trading Card Art

KIBA Trading Card Art

He now works from home as an illustrator and designer and has produced art for the KIBA trading card game in Japan.

  1. Creators - Dark Summoner Official Site



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