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Nobuyuki Inoue

A Game Designer for Brownie Brown and Square

Nobuyuki Inoue

Nobuyuki Inoue joined Square in 1990 as a debugger on Final Fantasy Legend II (SaGa 2). His next installment of the series was Romancing Saga, during which he contributed field map design and effect animation. He returned to field map design for Romancing SaGa 3.

Inoue's debut as a scenario writer came with the quirky Super Famicom role-playing game Live A Live. He served as a battle director on that off-the-wall title, along with the equally bizarre Hanjuku Hero 2. He would return to the role of writer as planner on Legend of Mana and in penning a sound novel based on the story of Final Fantasy Tactics.

More recently, Inoue became chief director of Brownie Brown, supervising the production of two Magical Vacation titles. He also directed Nintendo's GBA RPG Mother 3.

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Final Fantasy Legend II
Game Boy
Romancing SaGa 3
Super NES
Live A Live
Super NES
Legend of Mana

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