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Yoji Shinkawa

An artist, art director and character designer for Konami and Kojima Productions

Yoji Shinkawa

Yoji Shinkawa (新川洋司, Shinkawa Yōji, born December 25, 1971) is a Japanese artist. He is most famous for his character, environment and mechanical designs for the Metal Gear Solid series and Zone of the Enders series.

Born in Hiroshima, Shinkawa began working for game developer Konami in 1994; he was the first artist in the company to receive an "S"-grade evaluation for his portfolio. He first worked as a debugger for the PC-98 version of Policenauts. He moved on to serve as art director for the later console ports of the game, then as character designer for the Metal Gear Solid series. He is now the lead artist on many of Konami's titles.

Shinkawa's illustration style is generally praised as original and artistic, yet technically accurate. According to himself he is inspired by anime-related artists like Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Yoshitaka Amano, but also more western-related and less contemporary artists such as Frank Miller, Aubrey Beardsley and Willy Pogany and is also a big fan of French artists such as Mœbius. Shinkawa uses ink pens with a brush-like felt-tip preferring the Pentel Brush Pen and both Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter for his creations. He is also an avid fan of heavy metal and artists such as Megadeth, Rage, Killswitch Engage and Yngwie Malmsteen.


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