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Xenogears REDUX

Blog"Part One: In which a starship explodes, a wedding is called off, and our heroes fight a dinosaur with a giant robot."


"The ship is destroyed and the remains crash on a convenient nearby planet. A naked lady emerges from the wreckage!

This may be explained sixty hours from now, but it will never actually make sense without or even with the three hundred page supplementary texts. Welcome to Xenogears."

This is pretty great: a script parody of Xenogears, currently being actively updated. Part 13 is as far as the D-block stuff. I'm liking it since my girlfriend and I played the game this past March. It was a blast. A horrible, horrible blast.

What do you get when you combine Plok! with Braid and Super Mario Galaxy?


I've been playing around with an iPhone for my job (as a user interface designer) and in the process been discovering a lot of great apps and games on the App Store. One of those, which coincidentally was only just released last week, is Soosiz, a pretty cute little platformer that takes the best parts of Super Mario Galaxy's innovative planetoid-based platforming and combines it with an artistic direction that feels like a blend between Plok! and Braid.

The game was seemingly developed by two Finnish brothers and scored by some dude whose music they found available with a Creative Commons license - equally reminiscent of the path Jonathan Blow's shoestring music direction strategy took.

I won't talk too much about how it plays right now - I'm only at world 2, having played about 3 minutes at work - but once I get a little deeper into it I'll make an attempt at a review. For now though, I'm at least pleasantly surprised by its superficial qualities.

If you have an iPhone, check it out! One of the best things about the App Store is that anything that costs anything probably only costs $2, and who doesn't have $2 to check out something as quirky as a Mario-Braid-Plok crossover?

Rapidly declining interest in Scribblenauts

BlogScribblenauts was the game that got most of the glory at [this year's E3](/posts/topics/E3 2009). The premise was almost revolutionary in that the possibilities were seemingly infinite: conjure up almost any animal, vegetable, or mineral to help you solve open-ended puzzles. Hatch a dinosaur egg, help a lumberjack chop down a tree, etc. There are reportedly over 20,000 nouns manually programmed into the game to assist you in solving puzzles. Read on

Videogame adaptions among the most rotten movies of the decade

BlogEveryone knowns that movies based on videogames tend to be pretty terrible, if unwatchable, but I have to admit that even I was surprised at the percentage of videogame adaptions and even videogame-inspired movies that made it on Rotten Tomatos' Worst of the Worst, their list of the worst movies of the decade. Another surprise was the absence of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, although I guess that movie was merely mediocre and disappointing rather than the horrible messes that are Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, House of the Dead, and Ecks vs. Sever.1

  1. via Game|Life

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