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Prediction: Yasumi Matsuno's return will be at this E3.

BlogThis will be quite short as there isn't much to be said so I'll just go ahead and say it right now: Yasumi Matsuno is making his return at this E3 during Nintendo's Conference. I have no proof other than a vibe and perhaps me being suspicious of his public drop-out between his last project til now. He can't hide any longer and I truly believe he will reveal his project and it will be the silent bomb of this E3 in the same vein as Nintendo's Metroid: Other M of last E3. It worked really well for Nintendo to blow people's expectations with announcing a game that nobody ever thought would exist. It's a little different here but I don't suspect many people are expecting Matsuno's game to be unveiled at this year's Expo. How mind blowing for them if he does!

Now of course I could be wrong and I'm sure some of you are adamant that I am, but I guess we'll see next month.....I dunno, it just feels right this time, it feels in beat with Matsuno's tune, his time to step out and rock.

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