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Shigeru Miyamoto in no rush to retire

BlogAs reported by Kotaku Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo's creator of Mario, Zelda, Star Fox and Donkey Kong among others) has advised he's in no rush to retire at all.

Well, I am one of the company workers and the company has to retire me some time. So from that perspective, yes I may have to retire from Nintendo some day. But when I look around and see how aged cartoonists continue to work on their manga and how movie directors create new movies all the time, I understand that they would never retire. And by the same token, I guess I will still be making games somehow. The only question is whether the younger people will be willing to work with me at that far point in the future. Read on

R Rating for video games in Australia

BlogThis video argues the case for an R rating in video games in Australia in simple animation form and presents clear arguments to those who may not be familiar with the issue.

As a budding politics student it makes be extremely angry that the public is slowly flowing to this side of thinking and no government opinion exists (outside the Attorneys General).

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