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Catchin' them all, finally

Catching them all, finally

LeafGreen -- starting out in your room
playing the NES.
Go with Bulbasaur?
a lot tougher
My house
Wild RATTATA appeared!

BlogI decided to play Pokémon for the first time recently, more than fourteen years after the original Pokemon Red and Blue came out for Game Boy. I guess the reason I picked it up is because I was sad that Jeremy Lin has a favorite Pokémon and I don't. Not to mention all the excellent Pokemon nostalgia that one is inundated with!

Anyway, I decided to start with the LeafGreen version, and, following the appropriate criteria, chose Bulbasaur as my first Pokémon. And with my excellent girl (!) Bulbasaur, I kicked the booty of the kid who I've been rivals with ever since I was a baby.

I'm in my 30s now, but I'm looking forward to finally catching them all!

Is Yoshi's Island included in the 3DS "ambassador" package?

BlogSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a true masterpiece. Everything comes together so nicely -- style, music, gameplay, level design -- to make it one of the very best platform games in the midst of a golden age of platformers. That the GBA re-release would be included in the "ambassador" package of 20 games given to current 3DS owners who payed $80 too much for their systems gave at least some small level of solace.

But will Yoshi's Island be included? Read on

Wii II Wishlist -- What's on yours?

BlogThe successor to Wii is reportedly coming real soon, and, like a bell to Pavlov's Dog, the fanboys are drooling.

I have to admit that I'm salivating (at least a bit) at the prospect of real HD, the complete abrogation of the friend code system, and whatever neat new gizmo/thingamajig/widget/gimmick Nintendo might have up its sleeve.

What are you hoping for, expecting, or demanding out of Wii II?

Rapidly declining interest in Scribblenauts

BlogScribblenauts was the game that got most of the glory at [this year's E3](/posts/topics/E3 2009). The premise was almost revolutionary in that the possibilities were seemingly infinite: conjure up almost any animal, vegetable, or mineral to help you solve open-ended puzzles. Hatch a dinosaur egg, help a lumberjack chop down a tree, etc. There are reportedly over 20,000 nouns manually programmed into the game to assist you in solving puzzles. Read on

Videogame adaptions among the most rotten movies of the decade

BlogEveryone knowns that movies based on videogames tend to be pretty terrible, if unwatchable, but I have to admit that even I was surprised at the percentage of videogame adaptions and even videogame-inspired movies that made it on Rotten Tomatos' Worst of the Worst, their list of the worst movies of the decade. Another surprise was the absence of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, although I guess that movie was merely mediocre and disappointing rather than the horrible messes that are Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, House of the Dead, and Ecks vs. Sever.1

  1. via Game|Life

Nintendo reveals Famicom Mini Series 3 titles and that they are STUPID MOTHER FUCKING SHITFACES

BlogNintendo recently revealed titles to be released in the third Famicom Mini series of NES re-releases for the Game Boy Advance. Some of the more noteworthy titles include Castlevania, Kid Icarus, Metroid, and Super Mario Bros 2. Also of note is that Tetris is NOT FUCKING INCLUDED and that Famicom Mini Series 3 DOES NOT MOTHER FUCKING HAVE TETRIS, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS.1


BlogAccording to Austrian lung specialist Prof Dr Friedrich Bischinger, society should adopt a new approach to nose-picking. "Eating the dry remains of what you pull out is a great way of strengthening the body's immune system." Because of society's negative view on booger-digging, the doctor notes that "if anyone was really worried about what their neighbor was thinking, they could still enjoy picking their nose in private if they still wanted to get the benefits it offered."

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