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Additions to be made to Skies of Arcadia port, sequel rumored

According to Games Are Fun (article), the upcoming Gamecube port of Skies of Arcadia will feature several additions including secrets, story attachments, and a new playable character. In addition, Electronic Gaming Monthly recently brought to light the rumor of a Skies of Arcadia sequel slated for the PS2.

Microsoft said to have recently attempted to acquire both Sega and Square

According to Eurogamer (article), Microsoft recently made an attempt to purchase both Sega and Square, and apparently almost succeeded. The deal would cost Microsoft $1.8 billion to acquire Sega, who would, in turn, use the profits to purchase a controlling interest in Square. The deal fell through however when Sega rejected the proposition, stating conflicting interests.

A federal judge ordered ad-ware company Gator to cease the display of pop-up advertisements over the websites of major media companies, including the owners of the Washington Post. Apparently, Gator's scum-bucket, reason-defying stance in the lawsuit, mentioned in an AP article, is that its invasive, annoying ads are akin to having multiple windows open from web browsers and instant messaging programs. BusinessWeek|article

This September... Christ will die, Satan will reign supreme, and Maxis will ship the unblessedly profane fifth The Sims expansion pack among Hell on Earth

Yes, it's true. Well, at least the part about The Sims expansion pack. The Sims: Unleashed will focus primarily on pets in the Sim world. Your Sims could soon own a pet, walk it, bathe it, etc as well as visit new locations like markets, parks, and pet stores.|article1


IGN attempts to uncover truth on Rare multi-platform issue, comes up empty handed, publishes ridiculously irrelevant article anyway

In a recent attempt to uncover the truth surrounding the gaming industry's hottest rumor of late, IGN contacted Rare's US division in search of answers. What they came up with, however, is the same fucking information that we've had for the past four months. Regardless, the article has been published for your non-information.

Everquest, or e-crack as it's often referred, is expanding and Sony has yet another way to get you addicted. The Everquest Invasion tour is coming to a town near you so you can meet up with fellow EQ geeks and play more Everquest. Everquest Invasion

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