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After months of rumours, a Konami official has recently confirmed that a Metal Gear Solid title is in development for the Nintendo GameCube. Other than acknowledgement of the title's existence, no other information about the game is known. The game was previously believed to have been a port of the first Metal Gear Solid, which appeared on the PlayStation and PC; however, this may possibly not be the case. Let the rampant speculation begin!1

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Mr. Rogers dead

Mr. Rogers dead

BlogPITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania -- Fred Rogers, better known as television's "Mister Rogers," a cultural icon and kindly neighbor to generations of American children, died Thursday at the age of 741. Rogers' diabolical evil was surpassed only by the demoniacal acts of Hitler, Pol Pot, and Steve Urkel.

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Enix has apparently mentioned to Japanese magazine Quiter that it will not be pursuing development of software titles for either the Xbox or Gamecube - planned games will only be released for PS2 or Game Boy Advance, and most will be for PS2. Whether or not this policy will change when they merge with Square to form Square Enix, however, wasn't mentioned.1

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