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The descriptions on the back of the games you buy will be updated as of September. The new descriptions include "Cartoon Violence", "Fantasy Violence", "Intense Violence", and "Sexual Violence". These changes to the ESRB ratings system will ensure that gamers are looking for just the right combinations of violence before making their purchase.

Disney has reportedly confirmed that Kingdom Hearts II is in development and will be revealed at the Tokyo Games Show in September. Square Enix, however, has remained silent and has yet to officially confirm that the title even exists. In other Kingdom Hearts news, Disney is planning a Kingdom Hearts TV show, although the country in which the show will air has not been announced.

New details of figmental console released, imaginary "developers" still unnamed

The developers of the elusive Phantom console have specified specifications about the console, which you can see at the official site. What has not been mentioned, however, is a single game developer for the unit. Speculations include Kikass Gamez and YoMomma developers. Exciting!1

  1. Games Are Fun

According to this guy, Kevin Gifford, Nintendo will apparently hold off on a proposed 2005 release of their next-generation console, instead opting for a 2006 release. The anticipated delay is supposedly a result of the PS3 and Ybox supposedly getting a new 2006 release, which Nintendo supposedly heard through the grape vine. In addition, Nintendo reiterated that they ain't nevah skurrd of Sony's PSP, considering "shipments of the Game Boy Advance will likely exceed 60 million units by the time the PSP is released."1


Porn star running for Governor; America once again proven to be best country on Earth

BlogMary Cary, adult film star and owner of gargantuan breasts, will soon be joining the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Coleman, Larry Flint, and a 100-year-old lady running for California governor1. Square Haven wishes the best luck to Cary regarding her run for office.

  1. Yahoo! News

Nintendo will start a new gaming campaign in North America and Japan that will reward gamers for buying Nintendo stuff. Nintendo's new scheme is called Club Nintendo and will start later this year, reportedly by December. The way it works: you buy Nintendo stuff to earn points toward more Nintendo stuff, most likely things like Nintendo-branded belly packs or Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.1


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