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BlogA competition on the Club Nintendo Kingdom Hearts website running since November 11 and ending on January 7 will see 8000 random lucky contestants receiving either of two Kingdom Hearts towels. Of the two designs, which include a baby-blue cloth with an outline of Sora and a gray one with the crown logo on it, surely the one which allows you to rub yourself dry on the silhouette of a teenage boy is more appealing...1

  1. GameScience

The Black Mages II: The Skies Above summary

The Black Mages II incorporates less variety than its predecessor, but also does a better job of selecting the "favourites". Let's face it, no one was looking forward to a remix of Seymour's Theme, whereas Otherworld, Zeromus, Man with a Machine Gun, and Maybe I'm a Lion are far more appropriately angled considering the fandom existing for those tracks. And with one new track at the end of the album, perhaps this indicates a future variety from the Black Mages that releases it from the grip of Final Fantasy - especially now that Uematsu has left to form his own company.

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