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Bakusou! Yankee Tamashii creator developing DS/PSP title

thinkArts, the amazing creator of Square Enix biker gang MMORPG Bakusou! Yankee Tamashii, is working on a simulation title for Nintendo DS and PSP, reports Gamefront. The game will be released for both platforms in 2005. I hope it's a biker gang simulation. Imagine the amazing stylus and dual screen control!1

  1. Gamefront

In an interview with UK gaming website Eurogamer, Nobuo Uematsu has stated that he is "expecting" someone to assist him with releasing the Black Mages in the UK. He also commented on the possibility of European Final Fantasy orchestra concerts as soon as next year, though nothing is confirmed at this point.1

  1. Eurogamer

Radiata Stories: Original Soundtrack summary

The Radiata Stories OST is interesting in that it's a first for Tri-Ace to shy away from Sakuraba's electronic funkfest and use someone else. In this case, it's Noriyuki Iwadare, who has already featured prominently on games like Lunar and Grandia. His style is often as melodic, though certainly more high-pitched and he seemingly prefers to lean towards the 8-bit choice of instruments. That said, Radiata Stories is a light-hearted game at its core, and Iwadare's style is probably the best second choice Tri-Ace could have settled for.

Loyal fans who desire membership in the Nobuo Uematsu official fan club have only until February 20th to fulfill their lifelong dreams. For a scant 4,000 yen ($37.85), the price of an annual membership, fans will receive three editions of a fan magazine, as well as an exclusive DVD recording from last years concert series "Tour de Japon: Music from Final Fantasy."

Our decreasingly beloved company today released a short comment detailing its plans to release one major game a month starting next business year in Japan, but admitted that its priorities are slightly off-kilter: "It has yet to set a date for the introduction of its newest Final Fantasy game.", as reported by Bloomberg. Jesus Christ.1

  1. Bloomberg

Final Fantasy XII officially MIA, says Square Haven

Weekly Famitsu this week reports news from the suddenly curiously anonymous Square Enix development team working on Final Fantasy XII, dishing out the unforgivingly enticing teasers like "When the weather gets a little warmer, we'd like to bring you some big news and the latest information." The rest of the magazine impressively sports a rehash of what we've already seen. The team's spirits remain at an everlasting high, however: "We've had lots of support from everyone, and we've been working constantly without eating or sleeping to increase the quality of the product!" Rewriting the game from scratch, presumably. But the game might see the light of day yet, it seems, as the dev team proclaims, "If we can continue to receive your support this year, we'd be very happy." So that the company doesn't entirely write off your game, then?1


According to game vendors, the Japanese release date for Square Enix's Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song has been set to April 21, 2005, and the game will be priced 7,140 Yen ($68.87 USD). This release date also gives room for publication of the game's theme song single, which itself will be released just several days before, on April 14. No word yet on any North American or European releases of the game.

In a recent interview with Japanese Famitsu, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Square Enix expatriate and founder of development house Mistwalker, related that a new RPG was in development for Nintendo's newest addition to its hardware lineup, the DS. According to the interview, Hideo Manaba is to serve as art director, while Sakaguchi himself assumes the roles of producer, scenario, and game design. Sakaguchi hinted that the title would be a simulation RPG with a four to fire character party, and noted his desire to (of course) utilize the touch screen somehow. When surveyed about this new RPG stilus innovation, many were heard to reply, "What...a mouse?"

In a recent interview, SCE President Ken Kutaragi awknowledged to Nikki Business that the square button was less responsive than the others, and that this design element is "something which users and game developers will have to adapt to." Though 4800 units have been returned for this "design choice", Kutaragi asserted that this was not a flaw, it was exactly where they wanted it to be.1


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