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Square Enix has announced that those lucky multitudes who pre-order their upcoming Grandia III will receive a "History of Grandia: Sound Adventure Box". This magical box will include not only the game itself (astonishingly) but also a special soundtrack with tracks from various titles in the series, sure to fetch a pretty imported American penny. Grandia III is set to release on August 4th, priced at 7,980 yen ($74.21 USD).

Final Fantasy XII will be playable at Square Enix Party 2005

Square Enix has announced that the Square Enix Party 2005 event, which Wada said would show off the revamped Final Fantasy XII in playable form, will be held from July 30-31 in Makuhari Hall, Tokyo. The company will also show other new games, which will probably primarily consist of the new Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and Code Age titles. But we don't care about that shit.

Although it has been pulled offline now, Disney's official website for Kingdom Hearts II was caught red-handed displaying the text "Features all the worlds from the original game, plus 6 exciting new worlds: Steamboat Willie , The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and The Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean (based on film)". Square Enix laid down the smack, and now all we get to see is "This site is currently being updated due to content corrections. We apologize for any inconvenience." Whoops!

Alpha: Soundtrack summary

Yes you read correctly, back in his day before Nobuo was king of Square composing, he created a hentai theme song. One can only wonder at how it sounds in 'FMx3,SSGx3' format. Ah Uematsu, what other skeletons do you have in your closet? I wonder how many fan boys are rushing out now trying to find it just to add it to their Uematsu collection...

Cruise Chaser BLASSTY: Original Soundtrack summary

The game being a 'new type of SF animation role playing game', needed a breathtaking and an original music score to compliment. With amazing tracks like 'space' and 'ending', the music created on the NEC PC-8801mkIISR(YM-2203) is just fantastic. One of Uematsu's earlier works, but remains one of his finest along with his fellow composer Takashi Uno. These amazing pieces of art belong in everyone's collection.

Just to bring you out of the E3 trance (which, let's face it, is over now -- wake up), sexual gaming blog Fleshbot and video fenky make note of "3Feel", a massively multiplayer online RPG "akin to the Sims", except the entire point is boinking people. True to the tendencies of people who such games, developer CM-NET will up the, er, usability by providing vibrators alongside the product. Game of the show!

According to Square-Enix, action-RPG Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song will drop its subtitle en route to its US release, becoming only "Romancing SaGa". The reasoning behind this, is, of course, that American audiences never saw the release of the original SaGa games for the Super Famicom, so don't know any better. This is reminiscent of the move to make Final Fantasy VI into Final Fantasy III for its US release, a move whose ultimate result was the confusion of small children and the frustration of adults. No US release date has been given, but among new features for this installment of the SaGa series include an alleged lack of repetitive gameplay and a combo system. Because we all love combo systems.

Kirite summary

Kirite summary

Kirite is a combined effort between Yasunori Mitsuda and Chrono series producer/writer Masato Kato. It adds a musical illustration to the accompanying short story Kato wrote, "Five Seasons of Kirite", which tells the story of a boy named Kirite, and the girl Kotonoha. The music plays out like Mitsuda's other standalone non-game albums such as Sailing to the World, with a gentle introduction comprised mainly of explorations of the album's main theme, followed by an element of mystery and unveiling, then capped by dynamic battle-style pieces and closed off with what amounts to an ending theme. Indeed, the album progresses much like your average videogame soundtrack.

Kirite features vocals by Eri Kawai, whose voice intertwines the music in a way reminiscent of the latter songs of Xenogears (notably, The Beginning and the End). The style of music is typical Mitsuda fare, with a strong Irish influence and heavy focus on violins and guitars. Certainly, it feels like an album one should be listening to on a summer afternoon.

All in all, the atmosphere you will find here is comparable to that of Chrono Cross, which isn't surprising considering Kato's involvement and Mitsuda's desire to return to that universe in the Chrono Cross arrange album later in 2005.

E3: Allard hints at next-gen Square Enix project

An interview with Xbox exec J Allard on Eurogamer had him suggesting -- though he declined to be specific -- that there would be future projects available for Xbox 360 by Square Enix besides the abysmally irrelevant port of Final Fantasy XI, which was announced earlier this week. He refrained from going into detail, however, instead claiming that the interviewers should contact Square Enix themselves if they wanted to know if anything was happening, but did point out that the "tech demo" displayed during the Microsoft conference may not just be that.1

  1. Eurogamer

E3: Final Fantasy XI on Xbox 360 to look like shit

Well, relatively speaking. Final Fantasy XI will look exactly the goddamn same, causing raging speculation as to whether Square Enix is just screwing around with MS for some extra $$$. Also revealed today was the fact that FFXI was originally under development for Xbox, but MS' stubborn vapidity prevented any kind of useful deal from being made. Looks like they puckered up this time around, though.1


E3: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles announced for Revolution

The Nintendo press conference just came to a close, bearing with it several new announcements, one of which was the confirmation that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is under development for Nintendo's next-gen Revolution console. It's unknown whether the previous DS FFCC project has been moved to Revolution, or whether there are now two new games underway.

E3: Playstation 3 demo of Final Fantasy VII intro sequence raises eyebrows

During the Playstation 3 unveiling at E3, Square Enix showed a realtime demo of a remade Final Fantasy VII intro sequence (with the overview of Midgar and Cloud somersaulting off the train) running in-game (supposedly), and visually styled like Advent Children. This obviously leads to speculation that there may be a Final Fantasy VII remake in the works for PS3, as fans have eagerly demanded for the past several years. Don't expect any confirmation at this point though.

E3: Crisis Core is a prequel?

According to news from the show, a short trailer for Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII mainly features Zack and the events in Nibelheim 5 years before Final Fantasy VII. This obviously suggests that the game is not a sequel set two years after Dirge of Cerberus, but in fact another prequel along the lines of Before Crisis. That is, unless freaky shit is going on with Zack.

E3: Square Enix and Final Fantasy support planned for Playstation 3

"Square Enix is extremely honored to have had the chance to provide you with this technical demonstration of what the Cell processor can bring to the PLAYSTATION 3 and the world of gaming. We are committed to fully backing SCEI's new computer entertainment system and plans to bring the FINAL FANTASY series to the PS3 are just beyond the horizon." Now I'm going to bed.1

  1. Square Enix

WTF? Yes. Microsoft has managed to convince Square Enix into allowing FFXI onto its dying platform. It's currently unknown how exactly Square Enix and Microsoft intend to combine Xbox Live and PlayOnline to make cross-platform gameplay in Final Fantasy XI possible, but there must have been some big deal struck for either of the two to buckle with their priorities. What's more, the situation begs an answer to the question of whether FFXI on Xbox is even that much of a beneficial move, considering the game is over three years old now and probably won't be seeing another expansion pack in its lifetime. Oh, and reports are indicating that the Xbox360 will give the game a graphical boost of some kind, whatever that means.

"From ages past to ages yet to come, the tale of the Mana tree and the Sword of Mana grows with each telling. New installments in the World of Mana series exploring the history of this fantastic world are on the horizon. Stories yet untold await in the World of Mana."

A new trailer for Advent Children has been made available (warning: spoilers) which shows just how much crazy action is in this title, which is due out on September 13 in the US and September 14 in Japan on DVD. The trailer is underpinned by a new piece of music: a rock version of One Winged Angel, which sounds similar to the guitar work prevalent in the Black Mages albums recently produced by Uematsu. Additionally, Wada has come forth to state that his desire is for the company to pursue networked gaming, which further underlines the importance of PlayOnline and obviously the suggestions of last week that there may be more to reveal between Square Enix and Nintendo.1

  1. IGN

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