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A minute passage of time numbering in the hours has flown by us since the unveiling of the Front Mission 1st DS official website, which comes accompanying various details concerning the upcoming DS port of the SNES classic, Front Mission. Among these include the addition of new events dealing with Front Mission 5 character Glen, a high-speed battle mode, new wanzers, new parts, and for the Front Mission masochist in all of us, unlockable difficulty settings. Oh, and you'll get to use a stylus--you lucky gamer, you.1

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Japan isn't so happy about Dragon Quest IX

A survey of Famitsu readers in this week's issue asks the readers "Do you welcome Dragon Quest IX on Nintendo DS?" -- apparently 46% weren't particularly impressed. Nor were they intrigued by the notion that there's a world of gameplay beyond 1986's turn-based random encounters: 53.9% found the idea to be ludicrous. In fact, it's so bad that when asked what would be hot in 2007, retailers listed Wii above Dragon Quest IX. Holy crap! The world is turned upside-down!1

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Bully: Original Soundtrack summary

Hailing from Wichita, Kansas, Shawn Lee has given the Anglophone gaming music scene a well-needed kick in the ass. Whether the beats are hustling with tracks like "Defend Bucky" or riding the waves of "Carnival Date's" euphoric flow, Bully Original Soundtrack never backs down from standing out from the crowd. One needs only to give "Vendetta Jocks" or "Comic Klepto" a listen to believe the coolest bass, percussions, and guitar riffs of the '70s have returned in full force. Round out the awesome composition with stellar sax, trombone, and trumpet performances, and this soundtrack proves the game music scene needs only the inspiration of hip kats like Shawn Lee, et al. to soar.

Ivalice Alliance forged: Final Fantasy Tactics ported to the PSP

Square Enix announced plans for a trilogy of RPGs based in the world of Ivalice, known as the Ivalice Alliance. The titles include Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for PSP, and what looks to be a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Read on

Dragon Quest IX announced for DS

Today, a Tokyo press conference played host to the announcement of the next installment in Square Enix's flagship Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest IX: Defender of the Stars, for the Nintendo DS. The title will be developed by Level 5, which was responsible for the highly acclaimed Dragon Quest VIII. With a Wi-Fi component, players will be able to join with others in a similar style to Crystal Chronicles in what series creator Yuji Horii calls more action-oriented battles. Composer Kouichi Sugiyama also made an appearance and declared that he would compose for Dragon Quest until the day of his untimely demise. A grave decision.

Trailer revealed for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, now with English subtitles

The five minute video presentation of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII that first appeared at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show has emerged on the web. The first full trailer of the PSP prequel to Final Fantasy VII includes some brief battle sequences and cutscenes aplenty, featuring Zach, Aerith, and Sephiroth. Crisis Core is expected to show up in playable form at the December 16 Jump Festa event.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause: Square Enix bringing Destiny's Child Groove to your mobile phone

Square Enix, record label Music World, and SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT today announced the development of Destiny's Child Groove, the first mobile dance game featuring the popular R&B songs of multiple Grammy-winning female group Destiny's Child. Groove is a competitive dance game that will feature images of vocalists Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and four songs from the group's "#1s" album, including "Survivor," "Bug A Boo," "Say My Name" and "Lose My Breath."

"We are delighted to roll out this innovative new game," said Thomas Hesse, president of Global Digital Business for SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. "I can now fulfill my life-long goal of serving motherfuckers in the guise of Beyonce Knowles."1

  1. Square Enix

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