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BREAKING NEWS: Kingdom Hearts voice actor reveals that he is a homo

Lance Bass has revealed to the world that he is indeed, as many expected, a flamer. The would-be astronaut and N*SYNC dance machine supplied the voice for Sephiroth in the original Kingdom Hearts. While his professional work in this bleak post-N*SYNC world has been few and far-between, Bass has revealed that he is indeed happy. "The cockthirst keeps me occupied," Bass divulged. Not that there's anything wrong with that.1

  1. AOL

After a long hiatus, Square Enix and AOL Radio have announced the return of Final Fantasy to the ears of AOL mongers everywhere. Daishiro Okada, Chief Operating Officer of Square Enix, was very excited: "We feel so fortunate to have such a loyal following and want to give a huge 'thank you' for their efforts to bring back FINAL FANTASY radio," he said on Monday. Apparently, someone had to be listening.1

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