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Mikami, Sakaguchi, Sakamoto and Takahashi lay down the hype bomb.

Yesterday was possibly the biggest video game explosion known to man (especially in Japan). Three announcements, one update, all with official content. Here's what we've got:

Shinji Mikami's next thrilling epic aptly named Vanquish.

Hironobu Sakaguchi's next project now known as The Last Story.

Nintendo/Monolith Soft announces Xenoblade (known before as Monado: Beginning of the World).

Last but certainly not least, Nintando has launched an official site for Metroid: Other M.

So there you have it, January 29 has just past and is no where NEAR close to being forgotten; what a glorious day for us gamers.

On a different note, three of those titles are exclusively for the Wii. Could it be that Nintendo is vigorously fighting for the hardcore gaming demographic? Have they finally responded to the clamoring bitter gamerholics of yore? I think so!

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