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3DS games could cost trillions to develop

Developing a game for Nintendo 3DS might cost up to $1.8m USD, according to Marvelous Entertainment (Harvest Moon series). These 3DS estimates are more in line with what developers spend on home console games (Wii games cost as much as $1.4m, though Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 budgets can be double that). Read on

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together coming February 15 with Tarot cards!

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together will be coming to North America on February 15 along with the same preorder bonus given to Japanese consumers: Tarot cards featuring artwork from character designer and illustrator Akihiko Yoshida! According to Siliconera, you can get a deck by reserving at Gamestop or

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