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Wii II Wishlist -- What's on yours?

BlogThe successor to Wii is reportedly coming real soon, and, like a bell to Pavlov's Dog, the fanboys are drooling.

I have to admit that I'm salivating (at least a bit) at the prospect of real HD, the complete abrogation of the friend code system, and whatever neat new gizmo/thingamajig/widget/gimmick Nintendo might have up its sleeve.

What are you hoping for, expecting, or demanding out of Wii II?

Nintendo Australia releases Wii Super NES Classic Controller, removes it 2 days later

Nintendo of Australia sent out an email to Club Nintendo members advising of a new reward; the Wii Super NES Classic Controller which would be available for 3,000 stars. Having sent the email out on the 12th of April Nintendo advised of "limited stock available" - the item has since vanished from their reward list. There has been no subsequent information provided as to whether all of the controllers were already claimed or not.

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