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Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V and VI to be released on PlayStation Network

Square Enix have announced three RPG titles to be released on the PlayStation Network: Chrono Cross will be released on November 8, Final Fantasy V is set for a November 22 release and finally Final Fantasy VI is scheduled to be available on December 6.

Final Fantasy V has been available in Europe on PSN since April 13, and Final Fantasy VI since June 2. Chrono Cross has never been made available in Europe - with Square Enix previously advising "unfortunately a combination of technical and business reasons means that Chrono Cross will not be released in any PAL territory"1 - hopefully this changes and a PSN release is on the cards.

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Last and Final Word interview with veteran independent videogame developer, cactus


cactus (Jonatan Söderström) is a highly respected, independent videogame developer, who has become famous for creating many crazy, surreal videogames over short periods of time. In this new interview with cactus, he talks about finding motivation to work, public perception, getting over the fear of speaking in front of crowds and the highlights of his his journey within the independent gaming community.

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