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Amy - A Big Fat Hunk of Dog Shit Pretending to be a Game

pooI was super pumped about Amy - it had an interesting look and concept behind it. Surivial horror that's more about surviving than killing hordes of zombies? Count me in. I loved the Silent Hill series and this game me similar feelings to those titles; a creepy atmosphere, a real sense of dread and a strong feeling of being alone (well nearly). The game also has an autistic girl who has strange powers - you have to work together to solve puzzles, hide and struggle on. The problem is it's a piece of dog shit. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Read on

The Darkness II Proves Horrific Violence in Games is OK in Australia if Contextual

BlogThe Darkness II has been rated MA15+ (legally restricted for sale/hire to people over the age of 15) twice by the Classification Board of Australia, after voluntary re-submission to include a newer version containing a sex scene. Coming with the advice of "strong horror violence, blood and gore, sex scenes and coarse language", the game was not refused classification despite very strong violence. Read on

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