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Michael Atkinson to repeal censorship law...already

BlogIt seems Michael Atkinson is already repealing the law that was to force people to post their postcode and full name when commenting on the upcoming South Australian election.

Also worthy of note is:

The extraordinary backdown followed Mr Atkinson's flawed defence of the law on radio 5AA earlier in the day. He said the new law was necessary because people such as Aaron Fornarino, who regularly posts comments on AdelaideNow, were Liberal Party plants. But Mr Fornarino does exist. He lives in a flat on Port Rd, 500m from Mr Atkinson's electorate office.

Good times.


Michael Atkinson now gagging the internet

BlogMichael Atkinson, champion of video game censorship and the sole man preventing an R18+ rating to be implemented for video games in Australia is now responsible for a new law which forces anyone in the state of South Australia (note his state) to publish their real name and post code if they comment about the upcoming state election.

This apparently is not just limited to news websites/blogs but may also end up applying to talkback radio and potentially online places such as Facebook. Read on

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