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Own an X-Box 360? Ready for some real Square Enix RPG goodness? Keep waiting. In a recent Microsoft press conference, Square Enix unveiled Project Sylph, their newest foray into next-gen first person shooters. Thankfully, Star Ocean creators Tri-Ace also announced an RPG being developed for Microsoft Game Studios while Squeenix expatriate Hironobu Sakaguchi's Mistwalker provided trailers for Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Given some time, your 360 purchase may have actually been worthwhile. Maybe.1


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  • Posted by Ziyad

Square Enix and friends lay sights on 360


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  1. Blue Dragon, ONE "O", you junkslut

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  2. My bad. Gotta watch my copy/paste. And there is a polite way of pointing it out without calling me a junkslut, you know. Anyway, fixed.

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  3. junkslut is like, the least offensive word on the planet, you sensitive sissy

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  4. Oh, shut up.

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  5. tri-ace without s-e!?!?!? wtfogthrof!!!!

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    • ???
    • Tue October 20, 2020
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