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Hitoshi Sakimoto back in business

The composer behind Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics is back to score two more games for Square Enix, as well as two other titles. He is also underway on his first anime project.

First up he'll serve as music supervisor and co-composer of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings for the Nintendo DS. He'll be working with Kenichiro Fukui, known for his contributions to the Advent Children soundtrack and the Front Mission 5 soundtrack.

Sakimoto is also listed as the composer of Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War, to work alongside Masaharu Iwata. Though given these two were the original composers of Final Fantasy Tactics there's no real suprise here. At this stage it is unclear whether the soundtrack will differ from the original, but chances are good there'll be at least some new work if not a complete re-arrangement of the original work.

Romeo x Juliet will be Sakimoto's first anime score, and should prove interesting. Developed by Gonzo (Hellsing, Last Exile), the anime is of course based off Shakespeare's romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet. While Sakimoto has contributed to anime before, this will be his first full score for a series. Speculation is rife as to whether the anime will be shoved in front of poor student's eyes or whether it will be a pleasant modern adaption. Either way Sakimoto's score should fit the warmongering familes that split the two 'star-crossed lovers' apart.

Interestingly enough, the composer is also working on Archaic Sealed Heat for Mistwalker. Hironobu Sakaguchi (FF: TSW, remember that guy...?) will be producing the title, with Hideo Minaba (formely employed by Square Enix) as character designer. The game is said to be a strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS, and whether or not Sakaguchi will butcher the game is yet to be seen.

Finally, Sakimoto is also said to be scoring Grim Grimoire, a game developed by Vanillaware. The PlayStation 2 title is a strategy game featuring Lujei Piche, who will also turn up in a related title, "Soul Cradle". Directed by Seiya Kamiya (Princess Crown), the game is described as a "mage simulation". Weird, but interesting.

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Hitoshi Sakimoto back in business


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  1. i dont see how sakaguchi could "butcher" ASH, he is the creator after all, and i have never heard of him butchering any game aside from ff12, after he'd left the company o.O;

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  2. Hey Kyrei. The Gooch is both responsible for the massively perfect Final Fantasy VI and the dismal financial failure that was The Spirits Within, so he's clearly a loose cannon. In my eyes, anyway.

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  3. That's pretty much my point.

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