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Quote from Brutal Legend director Tim Schafer

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  1. More problems for Schafer and the progress of Brutal Legend... :( :(

    I really hope Activision's deuchebaggery in the matter is followed through with magnanimity in the courts. According to a post at Brutal!, Double Fine retained the rights to the game, and when Activision dumped them for not meeting a deadline (did they really have no idea how these people work...? [see Psychonauts]), Double Fine just went and found a new publisher (EA), who was all too happy to pick the game up after Activision had financed much of its development.

    I guess considering the advanced progess of the game (scheduled for realease this coming Rocktober), there's little chance of it being shut down, merely delayed in order to give Activision some sort of settlement.

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  2. Ah, mankind. How I love you. You never cease to surprise me.

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  3. Yeah, it's no surprise that Activision wants some sort of return on their investment... They dropped the project completely, and in the High Courts of Matt Berti they get squat. But it seems they'll probably be awarded something in a real life, legitimate judicial process.

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    • Wed October 28, 2020
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