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Tingle to appear in GC Zelda

Oh, yes, and apparently the Gamecube will connect to the GBA version of Zelda via a Game Boy in Link's inventory. When activated, a map will appear on the GBA screen where Tingle can be used drop bombs on Moblins and whatnot. GameSpot1


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  • Posted by Matt
Sblogs / 2002 / May / 30

Tingle to appear in GC Zelda


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  1. Tingle, you incorrigible stooge! We love you with the greatest love possible!

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  2. Hehe, Tingle will finally be put to good use.
    He always scared me in Majora's Mask. And I would always try to avoid him

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  3. Well, that's okay. I hated Majora's Mask anyway :P

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