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Reviews and other such analytical articles to ensue further down the track. -- ???'s Sblog @ Videogam.in

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Reviews and other such analytical articles to ensue further down the track.

BlogWOOOAAAAAAAH. My own liddle blog! Cool! Hey look, it's a frog-lizard!

Um, herm, yes. So my first blog post will be to simply layout what my blog shall primarily be focused on: review and analysis on game design models etc. Should be fun (for me BAHAAA!).

I'll layout my review system right now while I'm at it. Okay, so it's pretty much gonna be laid out like this: Each game will be subjected to a 3-strikes-your-out system where by if a game exhibits major flaws/inconsistencies/blemishes that are unbearable beyond belief than I give it a strike. If the game receives 3 strikes the review ends and then my conclusion will follow there after. This ultimately means that if a game gets 3 strikes before I even finish it then that's just how it will end......unfinished. I've got better things to do than to trudge through a game just to "complete" it so I can appease my satisfaction of feeling complete. If a game sucks this hard, it's simple, I stop playing and find a game that doesn't suck as hard. Now if a game only has 2 strikes, that means I'll finish it, but of course it won't be considered "good" or "great" in my eyes. If a game receives no strikes, it's considered "perfect" and I find the experience enlightening blah blah blah. So yea that's about it. I've got a review already in the works as I type this so you'll get to witness my awesome review system soon enough : P

As for game design models, well this type of article will be based on game design analysis: what we have in the industry, what potentiality there is in the industry and what has been forgotten in the industry. This type of article will be few and far between my reviews and previews but in time I'll make sure I get onto it and spill some ideas and thoughts on such related issues and concepts etc.

The other thing is my own game design and the ideas I've come up with over the months. I've got 3 documents detailing 3 games from 3 popular genres in the video game industry. These will eventually find it's way onto my blog, it's just a matter of time.

Well that's about it. Until than gamers, until then.

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