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During E3, five PSO Card Battle character models were stolen from their display case. Without the prototypes, Sonic Team's had trouble continuing development of the game. They'd better be given back quick, or somebody's going to have to face my mighty fist of justice.

  • Posted by Shar
Sblogs / 2002 / May / 30

Sonic Team wants their toys back.


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  1. Don't make me break out the mighty fist of justice.

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  2. Fifty bucks they're not seeing those models ever again.

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  4. Or maybe it was just some gamer geek who gets a false sense of power out of stealing figurines.

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  5. You have to be kidding me. I'm sorry they got lifted, but for gods sake, they were a bunch of dolls. No way in hell Sonic Team needs those models to finish the game.

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    • Thu October 1, 2020
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