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Why Making Video Games Is Harder Than Making Movies


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  1. I'm not totally convinced making games is harder than movies. Not knowing much about the development of either, I'm certainly not an expert. It seems the if video game making was an older craft (like movies) it might make more sense. I just can't tell if the difference is due to actual difficulty or simply a result not having a century of work put into the logistics of making video games. After all there are quite a few great video games made by small groups of of talented people for almost no budget.

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  2. Yeah it's totally a contextual statement considering that she's worked on Uncharted 2.

    I make websites for a living and some of our larger projects are pretty ridiculous too, I could see us comparing those to making movies or videogames and in some cases the stuff we have to worry about is pretty significant. So it's just a matter of perspective...

    I guess if you strive to make games that are like big budget movies, you probably have to do more up front work like she says in terms of making a game engine. But you don't have a cast to worry about, or locations, or all that other real world stuff movies have to deal with.

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