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Final Fantasy Tactics: Original Soundtrack summary

When war is the most important theme of a game, then there must also be a soundtrack that reflects this. Sakimoto and Iwata were launched into niche popularity by their ability to compose an album that was so perfectly suited to the task that it should not be overlooked by any means. Even while it suffers from disappointing sampling quality, the melodies are (to those who can appreciate classical war music) so powerful and memorable that even the lack of an accompanying arranged album could not damage its reputation. With such animated tracks as Decisive Battle or Run Past Through the Plain, battles in Final Fantasy Tactics never suffer from repetitive or boring music even though the game is a tactical RPG. Considering FFT's gameplay is strictly battle-oriented, it's remarkable that Sakimoto and Iwata didn't falter with their compositions for cutscenes; Remnants and Under the Stars, to name a few, are magical, wintry, and calm without being over-(or under?)-bearing. "Tactics" goes down in gaming history as a game with an amazing soundtrack and it has two - now almost legendary - composers to thank for it.

  • Posted by Rahul

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