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Tsukiyo Ni Saraba: Moonlit Shadow summary

This almost entirely live-produced album is the soundtrack for Taito's PS2 game 'Tsukiyo ni Saraba' by Yasunori Mitsuda and Miki Higashino (Suikoden). The music style is primarily jazz-oriented, but also features rap, opera, Mitsuda's traditional celtic influences, and blues. The overall sound feels a lot like the Soukaigi soundtrack, and matches Mitsuda's previous work on Chrono Cross in variety and liveliness -- but the distinction here is that there's a second composer involved, which altogether enriches things. Sakuraba, eat your heart out, because this is jazz produced by professionals and not underlined by clunky proto-synth experimentations. Definitely an interesting addition to Mitsuda and Higashino's portfolio. Check it out.

  • Posted by Rahul

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    • Wed January 27, 2021
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