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Ten Plants summary

Enter Ten Plants, a collaborative album involving a plethora reputable game music composers. Fans of the industry will no doubt recognize the prolific Nobuo Uematsu, Hitoshi Sakimoto, and Shinji Hosoe (to name a few). Obscure artists poke their heads into the compilation as well, such as the Thelonius Monkeys. Although unexpected, their pieces lock perfectly into place on the album and provide for a new experience, even to game music fanatics. The music itself encompasses a staggering scope, from folksy chants and enigmatic ambience to seamless electronica and upbeat, quirky vocals ala Katamari Damacy. This may imply a schizoid experience, but the opposite is actually true. Each track subtly weaves in an organic tone, creating a unifying theme throughout the compositions in spite of stylistic variance. Imagine, if you will, the rejuvenating smell of fresh vegetables as they line the rows of a garden (or the shelves of a local supermarket, for the urban folks). The songs themselves cultivate a similarly refreshing experience for the listener's earbuds. In the event of grim times or even a rainy day, Ten Plants will surely brighten the mood with its lovable aura.

  • Posted by Kanji
Sblogs / 2007 / July / 19

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