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Michael Atkinson now gagging the internet

BlogMichael Atkinson, champion of video game censorship and the sole man preventing an R18+ rating to be implemented for video games in Australia is now responsible for a new law which forces anyone in the state of South Australia (note his state) to publish their real name and post code if they comment about the upcoming state election.

This apparently is not just limited to news websites/blogs but may also end up applying to talkback radio and potentially online places such as Facebook.

The law, which was pushed through last year as part of a raft of amendments to the Electoral Act and supported by the Liberal Party, also requires media organisations to keep a person's real name and full address on file for six months, and they face fines of $5000 if they do not hand over this information to the Electoral Commissioner.

This law apparently contradicts federal law which allows users to use a pseudonym.

Atkinson believes this does not impede on free speech; I'm confused. I find this law crazy, and I'm happy I do not live in South Australia. I've wasted no time emailing my local federal member to ask whether the federal government is happy to allow a crazed state government to pass such law.

Why is this relevant to the gaming world you ask? Because Michael Atkinson as previously stated essentially currently controls video game censorship. Therefore any comments about him in relation to the upcoming election would have to include a full name and postcode theoratically on gaming websites and blogs for those living in the state. Should prove very interesting to see how this pans out...


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Michael Atkinson now gagging the internet


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  1. Does he hate communal happiness or something? Seriously what is he trying to prove here? I'm absolutely flabbergasted............I lived in South Aurstalia for 15 years of my life and I can safely say I'm glad I don't live there anymore........that's flat out oppression of free speech.

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  2. Yeah....

    I'm not a very political person, but the one thing that will really get me riled up is censorship. Any abridgment of free speech and expression pisses me off.

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  3. I am annoyed on a regular basis with how anon allows people to easily exercise freedom of speech in a manner that, though should be protected, would get themselves punched in the face by even a decent man without its protective shield. I really wish people could be held more accountable for the asinine dribble and hate that would normally get you ostracized in the "real world" that is propagated all over the internet. However this kind of law is just insane.

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  4. I came back to this thread after reading this article in the Financial Times.

    In popular consciousness, the internet still promises a borderless world, a place where the free flow of information threatens artificial barriers erected by nation states. But the web is fast being carved up by national laws and regulations, whether aimed at suppressing opinion, tackling pornography or identity theft, as countries around the world learn the techniques of control. Far from being a universal medium, the world wide web is becoming balkanised.

    It's disturbing to me that states with strict censorship controls like China and Australia are getting away with it. Free speech is the hallmark of the social and political systems of the world's developed nations, and has always been used as a legitimizer of successful, peaceful governments. Australia and China are threatening the old paradigm; once people see that leaders can censor and suppress with little or no consequences, and indeed prosper, as is the case in China, other nations are going to copy the China model of suppression and we're going to see more and more censorship

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  5. It is my hope that when this gets out of hand with regulations and taxes some technical wizards will go and create another type of internet that is more efficient and falls outside the new regulations until people finally realize that as soon as you take the freedom of the internet away from its users, they'll just make another one...

    but that's just me daydreaming

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    • Fri September 25, 2020
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