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Mistwalker's latest blog reveals a snippet of Sakaguchi's current project

Ever since the announcement of The Last Story, Hironobu Sakaguchi has been freely expressing his views on the game and it's development process but today's blog post seems a little more insightful than the previous few; an e-mail discussion between him and a "Mr. M" on the battle system. Here's the bulk of it:

We started to talk about the moment of "stillness" in the battle near the final stage of the game. Starting from the growth of the magic and also about the U.I. operation. I'd like to incorporate an elaborated element, but I don't want to slow down the tempo of the game… We discussed it quite intensely. I’m not sure if this is the right word, but it was "fun". I knew I really do like creating games as I thought to myself. By the way, Mr. M and I really do think as one. We can talk passionately about the game while having a cool parts somewhere, keeping a moderate sense of distance between each other.

How interesting and cryptic and who is this "Mr. M"? Who ever he may be, word of mouth will surely come up with some wild speculations. Perhaps in the coming weeks will find out more about this "Mr. M", followed by the studio that helped developed the game.

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Mistwalker's latest blog reveals a snippet of Sakaguchi's current project.

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  1. Guys... Nintendo and Mistwalker, Mr.M can only be.... Miyamoto - the man himself!

    The conversation between the Gooch and Miyamoto must've of been a screaming match, with Miyamoto telling Sakaguchi to change the ending but Sakaguchi being too stubborn to listen. This cool part he speaks of must of been the awkward silences.

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  2. Likely, although how much of a good thing that is anymore is up for debate.

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  3. Mr. M is clearly Yazmat, not Miyamoto. :B

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  4. Oh god...Its all over again...

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  5. WAAAHAAA. I REALLY want it to be Matsuno, but I don't feel like fooling my poor damn self once again. God dammit I hope I'm wrong!

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