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Absolutely consumers are going to upgrade... I think predominantly if there are still consumers with the DS fat that will upgrade to this, consumers with the DS Lite will upgrade into this. Brand new consumers will opt for this whether they are new youth consumers, whether they are older consumers... We see the potential consumer as being a very wide very diverse audience opting into the DSi XL.

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Poll Question: Will you be upgrading to DSi XL?

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Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime on upgrading to DSi XL

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  2. I've been eying getting a DS for quite some time now. Still can't make up my mind :S

    Also, kudos for picking a quotation from Reggie that makes him sound completely incompetent.

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  3. Also, Nintendo shit in their own bed when they announced that DS successor would be backward compatible before XL was even released.

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  4. Hardly. The XL clearly focuses on a specific market of people who want to play DS games but mostly do it at home. And why not? Who's ever thought of the idea of making a portable game console non-portable? It's actually a pretty good idea.

    Besides, the 3DS announcement was so minor that the greater audience of current DS owners probably didn't even hear about it. You and me, hardcore gaming geeks, sure. But the average DS owner? From the group of 125 million people? Doubtful.

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  5. I'm still not sold on the 3DS...the demo looked okay, but the 3D craze being pushed with movies and TVs feels like a gimmick to me...I had trouble sitting through avatar in 3D cause it gave me a headache and now these companies want me to try and play a game that could be 40+ hours in 3D? That's asking me to pay for a game to self-inflict pain! I don't plan on buying into the whole 3D mess, and buying the 3DS after saying all this would make me feel like a prostitute, so it's very doubtful I will...

    as for the XL, it'd be nice to have a bigger screen, but it's not necessary and the loss of the GBA slot nixes it for me, i'm sticking with my DSlite...

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  6. Demo? What demo? There is no demo of 3DS currently. The only thing we know is that it is coming, involves no visor or goggles and will be shown at E3.

    I agree that 3d in movies, especially involving goggles, doesn't feel like a big step forward. But non-goggle 3d on a handheld, meaning you don't need to take other people into account, and the interactivity involved in gaming, gives me a lot of neat ideas. And if I can generate neat ideas, EAD and Miyamoto can generate 100 times as many and all of them will be a lot more interesting than what I make up.

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  7. I was referring to this, I thought it was the 3DS but it appears I was mistaken:

    [EDIT] Use the [video/] BB code to embed Youtube videos. ~Matt

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    • Tue October 20, 2020
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