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New Xenoblade gameplay trailer hits the scene

We've been seeing some gameplay trailers of various games from Nintendo recently and it seems that they're not shying away from their RPG titles either. While The Last Story has been incrementally treakling artwork to retain the hype for the game. Xenoblade has recently unveiled it's second gameplay trailer, detailing further the concept and narrative behind the game. The official website has also received an update.

  • Posted by Pugz

New Xenoblade trailer hits the scene

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  1. That was awesome.

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  2. Here's an outline of what is said during the trailer, via duckroll

    duckroll: the plot is basically that those two huge mechs were gods
    duckroll: in a time before existance
    duckroll: before there was a sky and sea
    duckroll: and they fought
    duckroll: and killed each other
    duckroll: and died
    duckroll: and now the world in the game is their corpses
    duckroll: the humans live on the side if the Titan God
    duckroll: while a mech race spawned from the Machine God
    duckroll: and they're in conflict

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  3. Wow, that's some sweet info there! Sounds good, the more I find out about this game, the more reason to bump it up on my wanted list.

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  4. The second piece of music on the official site is awesome! Yoko Shimomura can do no wrong.
    The Last Story and Xenoblade. The year of the Wii I think.

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