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Final Fantasy XI - back to the grind

BlogI've tried Final Fantasy XI before, twice in fact. Yet my boredom with World of Warcraft has hit the point of me taking a break again. A break that will see me simply play another MMO. The void that is left when you stop playing an MMO is scary, I haven't even played that much WoW in a long time, haven't raided for at least 6 months.

Yet there's something about Final Fantasy XI that makes me want to play it, is it just because it's Final Fantasy? Is it because it promises far more PVE/group content than your average MMO? Maybe it is simply because I have not been patient enough in the past and actually given it a real go. I've never hit level 10, never actually found myself in a party. I've never really tried to explore the world and what is has to offer.

What do I have to lose? Time? Bah, what's that? I've got many years of time left at university, why not compliment it with an equally seemingly endless grind in a game? Worst case after a month I quit and say I tried. Best case I find an awesome game.

So far I have managed to download the entire game, navigate the monstrosity that is PlayOnline and get everything setup. Well not everything. The 8-9 hour estimated time it will take for the game to update itself fully is still waiting for my offpeak downloads to kick in at 2am tomorrow morning (go go holidays). Yes, there are a great many problems awaiting for you during the setup of the title.

If there is anyone around that actually plays let me know, otherwise I plan on choosing a random server and posting randomly on this website with my experiences as a jaded WoW player.

Oh, and I made sure I picked a PlayOnline avatar from The Bouncer - we all know that is the best game ever invented.

  • Posted by Alex

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