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2ch poster on why s/he thinks Japan is "behind the curve when it comes to game development".


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  1. We may be behind the curve in some respects, but answer me this: is there any country out there that can beat Japan when it comes to ero-games?

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  2. "I find it really strange that in an era when we know foreign gamers love first-person shooters that not a single domestic company has even tried to make one."

    I actually find this very interesting...I would actually like to see a Japanese company take a crack at a first person shooter just to see what wacky shit they come up with...

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  3. This is what asinine drivel I read:

    Why do Japanese games have such a manga/anime feel and a strong relation to Japanese pop culture?

    Instead, why don't the Japanese make more games like Western super hero comic books and Tolkien fantasy settings?

    Why don't the Japanese recognize that these Western approaches are superior?

    For that matter, why don't we see more World War II FPS games coming out of Japan? Everyone loves World War II because it's so clear that the bad guys were evil and we mightily toppled them.

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  4. @Nels

    HAAAHAAA great post Nels. What else is there to say? I think you covered all basses there.

    In regards to the topic and hiring screenwriters in the west, are we talking about screenwriters from the film industry? If so, then there's a more serious underlying issue that's beyond the Japanese not following suit with western development in using screenwriters.

    WRPGs have MUCH to improve just like JRPGs, I find them both problematic. This W vs J thing is amusing, and I find it extremely conceited in nature. I could think of a hundreds issues in RPGs that go completely unnoticed on both sides of the fence.

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  5. @Nels

    Can't say it better (but I'm still going to rant anyway). It needs to be pointed out that while the games industry in Japan is different to the anime industry (as far as anime generally is not designed with Western audiences in mind) the people who make the games are still (funnily enough) Japanese.

    The culture, language and history of the nation obviously influence the way people think about making games, the way companies run and the way things are marketed. I'm no expert in Japanese culture (yet...go go uni!) but I fail to see why everyone wants one group to be like another.

    People want Japanese games to be more like Western games...why? Isn't that missing the point of having them being different in the first place? If Hong Kong cinema joined the Hollywood bandwagon and made all their films in the same way we wouldn't have world cinema (which yes, has other countries, this is an example). Yes there are flaws in Japanese games especially when marketed to the West but the same can be said for Western games. How many Xbox 360 games manage to penetrate the Japanese market effectively (keeping in mind the somwhat generalised point that the 360 has more Western developed titles).

    I think that people will vote with their feet/money. If Japanese games are on a steep decline then the companies will no doubt pick up on this and try and work on it. No country should change the way they make media because some people prefer their own native form.

    Edit: Yes I am aware that 2ch is generally comprised of Japanese people but my points are still valid. If the Japanese game market begins a huge trend of buying Western titles then Japanese companies will naturally respond to try and fix the situation (before they lose a crap load of money).

    Edit 2: Also I'm Australian. We've made what 5 games in our lifetime? Any game I play is a foreign title or mostly foreign (when I touched Bioshock that one time shudders).


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    • Sat January 16, 2021
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