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Unlimited SaGa revealed

The latest and possibly sexiest title to be revealed by Square has been presented in the form of Unlimited SaGa. And just when I was getting revved up to bitch about the lack of Square titles in the works...Unlimited SagaIn 1998, Square presented SaGa Frontier 2 with a completely unique graphical style yet to be seen in the gaming world. Now, four years later and with the help of Adobe, Square has revealed Unlimited SaGa, and has presented yet again a whole new graphical style with it.

The Madman's Cafe reports that Unlimited SaGa is produced and directed by Akiyoshi Kawazu (CEO of Game Designers Studio and heading Square's unannounced Gamcube title) with character designs by Yusuke Naora (Final Fantasy X Art Director). The official illustrator is Tomomi Kobayashi, known for her artwork in previous SaGa titles.

Unlimited Saga takes place in a world with a legend of "The seven wonders" which when unsealed, will bring the world God and a Golden Age. Many adventurers believe the legend, and the main characters also aim for it. The logo of the game is based on "flower", the symbol of the game.

The graphics in U:Saga are neither pixel art or 3D polygon style, but are illustration style graphics with motion. This will also be the first time the series will have movie clips used in the game. The field screen is unlike any in previous RPG titles- it is extremely simplified compared to most games, consisting of one piece of illustration image.

The music in the game adopts Dolby System's Pro Logic II, with full 5.1 channels. While the game will not have full voiceovers like Final Fantasy XI, it will have voice acting in some form.

Two out of eight main characters have been revealed thus far: an ex-pirate widow named Laura, and a young boy named Anri.

The battle consists of a 3D screen and a number of unique systems. Each character has a HP(Hit Point) and LP(Life Point). Unlike in previous games, there is no MP or tech-points which exist for special attacks; the HP decreases instead. The greater the special move, the more HP required, and the more vulnerable the LP -the real life meter of this game - becomes. The player may execute five commands per turn, regardless of the number of characters in the party. If the player's party has one character, the single character can act five times. If the party has five characters, each character may attack once.

When selecting a command, the "Reel" system is used, in which a rotating reel appears in the middle of the screen with a ring in the center lettered "Stop". By pressing a button and stopping the reel, the mark on the reel, which shows up in the ring, will determine the outcome of the attack. The reel(s) can also be kept rotating, and released simultaneously for a combination attack.

Unlimited Saga is scheduled for a Japanese release in December for the PlayStation 2, price undetermined.

As reported by The Madman's Cafe

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Unlimited SaGa revealed


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  1. Obviously guys, it won't be as fantastically orgasmic as the first Playstation SaGa Frontier.

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  3. Wow.

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  5. The Flash intro does not mention SaGa 3. Interesting...

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    • Tue January 25, 2022
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