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An ingenious 2d platformer inspired by Mario in development for iPhone, Mimeoverse: Mimeo and the Kleptopus King features worlds designed to look like 2-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit environments. Power-ups seamlessly transition you between the different ones, affording you abilities depending on where you are. It's a true love letter to classic platforming reminiscent of 2008's Braid.

  • Posted by Rahul
Sblogs / 2010 / May / 14

Mimeo and the Kleptopus King

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  1. Following the above link leads to a developer's diary of sorts, and you can find all sorts of interesting research elements the developer comes across in the development of Mimeo.

    One really interesting post is a study of the camera in Super Mario World. When I was 12 I played this game without ever thinking of the intricate minutiae that the developers at Nintendo considered when making it.


    I'm looking forward to this game. Thanks for sharing, Rahul.

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  2. @Matt really nice find, I've never paid any heed to camera control in any kind of platformer, especially not in Super Mario World; always took that junk for granted. Now after looking at that analysis, it seems like the depth of the camera control subsystem is integral to the game's smooth flow and addictive gameplay.

    I think this is my first time hearing about this iPhone game, but if the video narrator is the Mimeo's developer (which he seems to be) then I'm already sold. Might I be sold on iPhone gaming then? One thing's for sure, this game is gonna make it really hard to not be.

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  3. @Kanji I'm telling you, there are some real gems on the platform.

    If you're not sold on the phone part you should consider getting an iPod touch.

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    • Thu September 24, 2020
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