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Remakes of Final Fantasy I and II confirmed for PS

... in Japan. Absolutely no word on a North American release (much less European!).Japanese sources have reported that Square is producing remakes of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II for the PlayStation.

The PS versions, which will sport opening CG movies in the tradition of previous FF remakes for the system, will be based on the Japan-only WonderSwan Color remakes of FFI and FFII, both of which received a complete graphical overhaul and upgraded sound quality.? Gameforms reports that a bestiary (monster data) and a picture gallery will also be included for each remake.? Square's previous Final Fantasy PS "remakes" were strict ports of the Super Famicom versions with no improvements other than opening and ending CG movies.

A Japanese gaming news site has reported that FFI and FFII will be sold individually for 3,800 yen (about $33 US as of July 18).? In addition, a "Premium Package" limited edition set including both games and three original action figures will be sold for 8,800 yen (about $76 US).? FFI and FFII was last released collectively as "Final Fantasy I?II," a single-cartridge compilation with no enhancements to either game, for the Famicom in 1994.

The remakes of FFI and FFII are scheduled for release in the fall of 2002.

Games Are Fun has posted high-quality scans of an advertisement billing the remakes.

Also, the announcement of the PS1 remakes comes on the heels of the discovery that Square has removed from its website the only page about its Final Fantasy III remake for the WonderSwan Color.? First announced several years ago, the FFIII remake has faced numerous delays and was saddled with an indeterminate release date.

There is no sign yet that Square has prepared for FFIII a section of its own, which may suggest that Square has shelved the project permanently in favor of advancing the FFI and FFII remakes.? Even the WSC remake of Dice de Chocobo, scheduled for release sometime in 2002, has a temporary splash page at Square's website.

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Sblogs / 2002 / July / 18

Remakes of Final Fantasy I and II confirmed for PS


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  1. I could use an updated FFIII logo. It would make my day.

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  2. Well you can forget it, buddy. This is Square Haven. No days are made 'round here.

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