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Super Mario RPG: A first look, 15 years later

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  1. This is the only game that's been in my collection that I've misplaced. The room my parents set up as video game room when I was a child has turned into a storage closet. The bookshelf with all my issues of Nintendo Power, my NES, and my NES games are still buried in there behind boxes, some furniture, and a mattress or two. I was able to extract all my other SNES games a while ago, Super Mario RPG seems to have slipped through the cracks. Man I hope it is still there and not at a friend's house or fallen victim to one of several kleptomaniac friends my brother and I have had over time. ARG I wish I still had it.

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  2. I find Miyamoto's final comment to be really interesting. I don't really know why, just the way he says it and the reactions of the other people in the room. Very cool find, overall.

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  3. @Mr_Domino


    A sense of dramatic irony, perhaps?

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