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StarFox 64 3D screens and impressions


Check out these screens from StarFox 64 3D, the 3DS remake of StarFox 64. The screens successfully convey the graphical power of 3DS (if not the 3D effect), reportedly on par with GameCube. The Arwing craft is controlled using the analog nub, while additional maneuvers are mapped to the D-pad. Lasers, bombs, accelerate and brake are executed with the face buttons, and the bumpers, used to bank and barrel roll, round out the simple controls.

Designer Shigeru Miyamoto has been recorded as attesting to the aptitude of a Star Fox in the third dimension. Depth and distance in 3D worlds are sometimes hard to judge. Using Super Mario games as an example, Miyamoto said it's sometimes hard to even properly jump up onto a stump or hit a floating block. He assured the audience that the capabilities of the 3DS clear all of this up.


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Sblogs / 2010 / June / 16

StarFox 64 3D screens

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